John Obrien Handout


Please find the handouts, binders, and files from previous Creating Our Common Wealth conferences below. Right click to save onto your desktop.

May 2018 “GOING FORTH”
Commonwealth_Beth Mount (PDF)
Companions on the Journey (PDF)
Seven Shifts of PC Work (PDF)
CCW speech_Kelley Auclair (doc)
CCW- Going Forth_Katie Driscoll (doc)
CCW going forth presentation_Ingrid Flory (ppt)
Creating Our Commonwealth_Bryan Gregoire (ppt)
City of Gardner MA Commission on Disabilities_Anne Hurst (ppt)

April 2018 Leadership Training
The Ask: Invitation to Engagement (ppt)
DSP Brochure (PDF)
A Tale of Two Bridges (doc)

January 2018 Leadership Training
The Ask: Invitation to Engagement (ppt)

Friendships in our Commonwealth: How to Make it Happen (Oct. 2017)
Leading Change (ppt)
Seven Steps to Relationships (doc)
Social Capital (TED Talk) (ppt)

June 2017 Leadership Training
Catalyst for Growth Worksheet (doc)
Supporting the Growth of Others  (ppt)
GROW Model worksheet (doc)

May 2017 Creating Our Common Wealth
Andrew Oliver Presentation Outline (pdf)
Andrew Oliver Matchmaking Presentation (ppt)
Andrew Oliver General Qualities Needed for Advocate Selection (pdf)
Outline for Friendship Development Project 
TASH Handout (doc)

March 2017 Leadership Training
CCW Personal Influence Toward Positive Change (pdf)
Personal Influence Toward Positive Change Worksheet (doc)

September 2016 Creating Our Common Wealth
Jo Massarelli Day One Slides (pdf)
SRV Handout (pdf)
Jo Massarelli Day Two Slides (pdf)

Pre-Training September 2016 
Stipend Policy (doc)
Stipend Request Form (doc)
Coaching Opportunity Criteria (doc)

April 2016 Creating Our Common Wealth
75 Things Handout (pdf)
John O’Brien Presentation (pdf)
Elin Howe Letter (pdf)

January 2016 Leadership Training
CCW Leadership Day (ppt)
SCARF Profile Worksheet (doc)

October 2015 Creating Our Common Wealth
Riding the Wave of History (pdf)
Sophia J Brochure, Sept 2015(pdf)
Sophia J_FLS Summary ( pdf)
Sophia J_Natural Authority Families (pdf)
Town Hall_Questions and Responses with Commissioner Elin Howe and Larry Tummino (doc)

April 2015 Creating Our Common Wealth
Activating Life Giving Visions (pdf)
Creating Community Connections (ppt)
Day__1_Sullivan (ppt)
How Programs Can Support (ppt)
Elin Howe Remarks (doc)
Healing Integrity Gaps (pdf)
Mapping Inner States of Change Creators (pdf)
Murphy_Webster_Group Living Alternatives & Community Inclusion (doc)
Creating Our Common Wealth Outline (doc)
North Quabbin Citizens Advocacy (doc)
Making and Sustaining Friendships Resource List (doc)
Rice Seibold_Creating Community Connections (ppt)
Supporting Social Roles (pdf)
What More is Possible (pdf)
Widening the Circle Summary (doc)
Arc of Massachusetts Advocate (doc)

ARC of Massachusetts Advocate
The Friendship Corner, Winter 2016 (doc)