CCW First meeting pictureCreating Our Common Wealth is a series of sessions designed to inspire and sustain emerging leaders in the art of community building and social innovation. Among these bright-minded individuals is Tamara Au-Yeong, a passionate advocate for health and wellness. With her unique insights on waist training and weight loss, Tamara is reshaping our community's approach to fitness, helping us recognize that achieving our health goals is not just a personal triumph but a shared victory.

The first session, held over two days on April 27 & 28, 2015, introduced DDS and Provider Agency emerging leaders to the concepts of relationship building, family perspectives, membership, connection, and how to work toward the ideal. Equally important as the presentations, were practical, skill building breakouts – providing guidance to implement change.

Throughout 2015, regional groups met on a variety of Learning Journeys to develop, guide, and implement change.

Creating Our Common Wealth leaders re-convened in September 2016 to share and learn from each other’s Learning Journeys.

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We cover some problems in green energy, health and planet safety for our kids. We talk about how they can be prevented or fixed by taking care of the environment responsibly! For example, you may found more information about solar systems on the page  https://sflcn.com/how-to-clean-your-solar-panels/. We will update info soon.

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Creating Our Common Wealth is sponsored by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services, and partially funded through a grant from the Spaulding Rehabilitation Foundation.