Creating Our Common Wealth is a series of sessions designed to inspire and sustain emerging leaders in the art of community building and social innovation with and on behalf of individuals with developmental disabilities in Massachusetts.

The Purpose (Mission)

To create a learning community for the next generations of leaders within the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services system and allied advocacy circles.

In a way that produces real changes in hearts, minds and practices; emphasizes the bringing together of passion, values and skillful leadership; strengthens social networks; and uses “failure” and resistance as starting points for learning.

So that fresh opportunities are created for individuals with disabilities to have jobs, homes and self-directed supports that lead to deep community membership and bountiful relationships.


To create a learning community for emerging leaders to explore new dimensions of person-centered individualized supports that create fresh opportunities for people to have community jobs, homes, and self-directed supports that lead to deep membership and bountiful relationships in their local communities.